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Online Shop Prestige  – Theres nothing in the manner of a good characterize to mark a special era and area in life, and theres probably no characterize more special than a university photo. Its a good way to see how we amass from year to year, and a special memory of some good years. Lifetouch specializes in university photos, and their Prestige program is an excellent way to shop for print of your university photos.

Lifetouch does adjoin taking place your photos at no charge, including airbrushing of little blemishes that arent a natural and long-lasting feature. If you order a proof set, you will get a further set of proofs without watermarks and in the manner of retouching. Youll afterward have the choice to choose what photo you want Lifetouch to use for your schools yearbook!

www.shop.prestigeportraits.com – Online Shop Prestige

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  • Logon to area a portrait order in the manner of Lifetouch Prestige
  • Once you area your order in the manner of Lifetouch, expect to get your photos within two to three weeks
  • If you want more photos after you area your first order, just log encourage into your account to start shopping again

www.shop.prestigeportraits.com – Online Shop Prestige

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